Weekend Reading: Deep Freeze Edition



Where ever you are, ProfHackers, we hope you are staying warm! Record snow and cold temperatures have blanketed much of the U.S. Boston, as fellow ProfHacker Ryan Cordell can attest, is having a “Winter From Hell.” And yet, it could be worse: we could be in eastern Canada, where the snow is high enough in places to bury cars and houses completely.

Oklahoma state legislators are currently considering a bill that would bar state funds from being used for Advanced Placement History courses. According to Newsweek, Oklahoma teachers aren’t too happy about the prospect.

Speaking of schools, apparently some are implementing mass shooting simulations.

Salon, in a piece that is not news to the majority of us, exposes “America’s visiting professor scam.”

This piece on authors’ relationship to social media by Matt Kirschenbaum has been making the rounds for a couple weeks now, but in case you hadn’t already seen it, check out “What is an @uthor?

Writing while Feminist can exact a steep price, according to The Washington Post.

But posted a nice follow-up to the story about Rowan Hansen, the 11 year-old whose letter to DC Comics questioning why there weren’t more female superheroes, more merchandise for the existing female characters, and why if DC can make a movie about a Talking tree and a raccoon, there’s no Wonder Woman film. And here’s the video of the segment.

Our video of the week is from BBC1. Did you know that hummingbirds snore?

[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user ozz13x]

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