Weekend Reading: July 31 Edition


Happy end of the month, ProfHackers! When you you are enjoying a bit of relaxation or riding the productivity wave, we hope that you’ve had a great July. Here are a few links to give you something to think about or talk about (or both) over the weekend.

From Gamergate to Cecil the Lion, Internet mob justice is out of control.” And here’s Roxane Gay “Of Lions and Men: Mourning Samuel DuBose and Cecil the Lion

Food for thought: “The Dorito Effect: Healthy food is blander than ever and it’s making us fat” Whether you are someone who worries about your weight or not, this piece takes an interesting look at the way that flavor intersects with current discussions of food and eating.

Do you know “What China is building in the South Sea?

For the animal lovers: “Shelter puts dogs in a photo booth to get them adopted, and the results are all that

A college without classes“??? The Atlantic provides a look at “competency-based education.”

Most people I know, myself included, hate the latest version of iTunes, but the music player has long been terrible for classical music: “The tragedy of iTunes and Classical music.”

A follow-up to the New Yorker article about the earthquake overdue in the Pacific Northwest: “How to stay safe when the big one comes?

And our video of the week comes from Jimmy Fallon. He won’t talk about Scientology or jump on your couch these days, but Tom Cruise will still be Tom Cruise (and here’s Buzzfeed’s take on “The Failure of Tom Cruise 2.0” while we’re at it). Here’s his lip sync clip

[Creative Commons licensed image by Nattu]


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