Weekend Reading: Out Like a Lamb (?) Edition


As March draws to a close, maybe you are back from your break. Maybe, you are still gearing up. Wherever you are in your academic term, we hope that the allergy gods smile, or that it finally stops snowing. Or both.

From The Chronicle of Higher Ed, a story about Trinity College in Washington D. C.: ”How an Elite Women’s College Lost Its Base and Found Its Mission.” And earlier this week, coverage of Sweet Briar continued with “Scenes from the Death of a College” and “Sweet Briar Alumnae Outline Legal Case Against College.”

From The Atlantic, soon would-be physician assistants will be able to complete the majority of their training online.

From Salon: new revelations about Woody Allen from Mariel Hemingway’s forthcoming memoir.

From Psychology Today: all about awkwardness.

Technology is apparently changing the way that we tip. From The NY Times10%? 20%? Apps Are Changing the Way We Tip” and from TechCrunch How Technology Is Tricking You Into Tipping More.”

Our video of the week is vintage R.E.M.

[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Tim Pokorny]

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