Weekend Reading: Post-Olympics Letdown Edition

ProfHacker gets you ready for the weekend with 5 links worth reading, plus a video!

  • Love this: Off-the-rack anti-plagiarism software isn’t good enough for Thomas Crombez, so he built his own: However, for most beginning students, the obvious sources to scavenge are simply found through Google. They do not bother with scholarly databases or real books anyway. So what better way to detect their scams than Google itself?
  • Julia Gergits offers an optimistic gloss on the ways working at a regional comprehensive university reshapes your expectations: Despite the challenges, teaching at a comprehensive university offers faculty freedom and responsibility that are unavailable at research institutions. I mean responsibility as a gift, not a burden: it is to be prized.
  • East Stroudsburg University is 100% wrong for suspending a professor for griping on Facebook.  At the risk of being a broken record, however, faculty who are going to make such comments on the record, as it were, need to make sure that they’re *actually* funny, and not just “professor-funny.”
  • How can we have more genuinely open-access conferences (maybe fewer “webinars”?): there’s something deeply unsettling about a conference that purports to be all about digital media and the future of communication yet remains firmly within the most traditional models of academic engagement: F2F encounters. And the fact that I find this totally normal and acceptable didn’t even occur to me until I saw my friend Julie twitter “Beth Coleman via skype.” Same for Francesca for the panel all my friends are on. And I realized that not only should we be able to skype it in, we should be able to participate (however limited) online if we cannot be there in person.
  • It’s almost March, so you need a new portmanteau word: Mujicomp: mujicomp revolved around the notion that ubiquitous computing needs to “become sexy and desirable… able to be appreciated as cultural design objects rather than technology… they should be tasteful, simple, clear, clean, contemporary, affordable in order to be invited into the home.”

And the video is by Gina Trapani, urging people to “Stop Multitasking and Do One Thing at a Time“!:


Image by Flickr user Andy Liang / Creative Commons licensed

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