Weekend Reading: Pre-Holiday Edition

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A quick programming note: ProfHacker will shut down for the US Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday of next week, returning to our usual hijinks on Monday, 11/29. Relatedly, we will slow to 2 posts a day from roughly December 13-January 17, with a complete hiatus between 12/23 and January 4.

Also, let me congratulate ProfHacker writers Jeff McClurken, whose keynote address on “Teaching and Learning with Social Media” is now online, and Brian Croxall, whose co-edited issue of Neo-Victorian Studies, about steampunk, went live today.

On to the links!

  • 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web, by the Google Chrome team, is both fascinating reading and an astounding technical achievement.
  • Sometime ProfHacker guest Janine Utell, guesting at the University of Venus, on teaching as modeling the life of the mind: Witnessing the excitement of the life of the mind, sharing deep and sustained enquiry in a collaborative environment, is what gives students the equipment to make that choice. . . . Providing such an intellectual role model is especially crucial for young women undergraduates. For some of my students, the option has never before been presented as a viable or even an attractive one.
  • Ask a Flowchart: Which Social Search Site Should I Use? (Choosing among Hunch, Ask Metafilter, Facebook, Quora, Tumblr, and more. Related: “18 Tasks You Can Crowdsource“)
  • At First Monday, an interesting twist on the digital divide, by Guangxuan Zhang, Qingbin Wang, and Jane Kolodinsky: Empirical results suggest that there are significant disparities in both the likelihood and frequency of online information searching in Vermont and that these disparities are closely associated with several socioeconomic and demographic factors such as education level, income, and age. Also, the impacts of some variables on the likelihood to use the Internet are different from their impacts on the frequency of using the Internet for information searching.
  • Ars Technica has put out a call for videos that explain scientific concepts. The first ones are in!

And, this week’s video:

Bonus: First-Grade Girl Bullied for Liking Star Wars!? (Be sure to click the links, which have turned out amazingly.)

Have a great weekend!

Photo by me / Creative Commons licensed

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