Weekend Reading: Summer 2011 edition

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This is just a quick programming note to announce that ProfHacker is taking Monday off in observance of Memorial Day in the US. Back at full-strength on Tuesday, though!

On to this week’s links!

  • Laura Vanderkam (see previously) encourages us not to waste summer Fridays: When summer Fridays roll around, and those extra few hours appear, people have a tendency not to do any of those things they’d claim they’d do.
  • Dan Moreau offers “The Nine Circles of Adjunct Hell.” Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  • Kevin Washburn offers 10 principles for “Using Groups Effectively”: When groups assign members to specific responsibilities for completing a task they undermine the thinking that collaboration can produce. Sawyer talks about creativity via collaboration as being “exponential,” meaning that it is constructed via conversation. (Via Terry Eberhart)
  • Caleb McDaniel shows how to replicate the (ProfHacker-favorite) task manager Things in text files with Notational Velocity, and SimpleNote: One of the things I like most about my new system is the very thin, qq-shaped line between a note and a task: that is, it is extremely easy to turn one into the other, and vice versa. For example, within Notational Velocity I keep a running list of everything I need to buy at the hardware store, as well as a running list of books I want to check out next time I’m at the library. These lists aren’t really tasks, because it may not be essential for me to go to the hardware store or the library right away.
  • Several of us use versions of the pecha kucha presentation format. Alan Levine offers a new script, PechaFlickr, that lets you play around with improvised pecha kucha presentations: 20 slides you’ve never seen before, at 20 seconds each. An entertaining way to work on improvisational skills!

And, apropos of this morning’s post on work-life balance, Caleb suggested this video, from Simon Sinek on starting with why:

And, for this week’s bonus: Titus Andronicus + Craig Finn covering The Replacements = joy.

Have a great weekend! (I gather there’s a soccer game on Saturday–let’s hope it lives up to the billing!)

Photo by Flickr user D. Sharon Pruitt / Creative Commons licensed

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