Weekend Reading: The Early Semester Edition

As we settle into the steady hum of the fall semester, here are some links to the complications of being a public academic personality, some help for the upcoming job season, an outlet to de-stress with nostalgic games, and new research on race and the digital humanities. Enjoy!


  • Given that everyone is now slowly getting back into the semester grind, here’s a great outlet to relieve some stress—classic DOS and Windows games, sure to well up some comforting nostalgia: Take a step back in time and revisit your favorite DOS and Windows games. The files available in this collection consist primarily of demos, freeware, and shareware.
  • Shannon Carter of Texas A&M University is leading a new race and digital humanities project titled Remixing Rural Texas: Remixing Rural Texas: Local Texts, Global Contexts (RRT) is a digital humanities project about race and place, focusing on the decades surrounding desegregation in a rural university town

And in this week’s video, Howard Rambsy II (@blackstudies) and Jessica Marie Johnson (@jmjohnsophd) join Mark Anthony Neal (@newblackman) in the new season of Left of Black:
Institutions are often slow to recognize the ways that “race” factors in the Digital Humanities, even as research highlights the ways that Blackness, for example, is palpable within social media, particularly Twitter.   At the same time some Black Studies departments have been resistant to embrace the possibilities emerging digital platforms to do the work that has always been done is these departments.

Image Credit: Anne Helmond on Flickr 

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