Weekend Reading: Umbrellas in Portugal Edition


Happy Weekend, ProfHacker friends!

The title and image for today’s Weekend Reading comes from the Ágitagueda art festival, an annual tradition in Portugal this month that was recently featured in Bored Panda.

If you have even a fleeting interest in the digital humanities, it is well-worth your while to check out Bethany Nowviskie’s keynote address, “Digital Humanities in the Anthropocene,” from the 2014 DH Conference which just wrapped up in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lots going on this weekend: perhaps you will follow the Tour de France, which will enter Stage 8 tomorrow. The race has already seen a fair number of crashes, and the defending champion, Chris Froome, withdrew earlier this week after his third crash in two days. In an attempt to win this year’s Darwin Award, apparently spectators have begun taking selfies with the cyclists as they fly past.

The Tour isn’t the only big sporting event going on this weekend: the World Cup will conclude in Sunday in what promises to be an epic battle of intercontinental “footie” as Brazil fights for redemption against the Netherlands on Saturday and Germany and Argentina have the final showdown Sunday.

Lastly,  NBA phenom LeBron James has announced that he’s returning to ClevelandThe Washington Post asks if he is “making the right move.”

Emmy Award nominees were announced FridayForbes reports on snubs and surprises. For my money, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) was flat-out robbed.

A colleague of mine drew my attention this article in Time: “9 Terrible Habits You Need to Stop Immediately.” How many of these are you guilty of? Or would you prefer to join me in taking the 5th?

Our video of the week is from a series that I only recently discovered, but that been happening for several years now, Live from Daryl’s House. Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates fame) invites various recording artists to his house in upstate New York to jam, basically. They play music and eat dinner, and the evening is later edited and made available online. Hall’s most recent episode was a slight departure from this pattern. The guest was Grammy award winner Darius Rucker, and the two collaborated in Rucker’s hometown of Charleston, SC. The entire episode is worth watching, but I’ll share just one of their songs, a cover of the Righteous Brothers’ 1965 hit “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”:


[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Adam Rifkin].

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