Weekend Reading: When Pollen Attacks Edition

Happy Friday ProfHackers! A disclaimer: I’m writing this week’s weekend reading through pollen-induced haze thanks to a triple whammy of tree pollen here in the Southeast that has sent allergen counts through the roof from Virginia through parts of Florida.

Last week, I included the news of David Letterman’s retirement. Yesterday, it was announced that Stephen Colbert will be his replacementThe LA Times argues that “Colbert is not a conservative choice.” Apparently Rush Limbaugh and other political conservatives agree: Limbaugh called the announcement “a declaration of war of the heartland of America.”

News broke earlier this week of the “Heart Bleed” virus. CNET explains, “The bug can scrape a server’s memory, where sensitive user data is stored, including private data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.” Until websites have had a chance to patch their security settings, avoid logging in or shopping on affected pages. If you aren’t sure whether a page is safe, check on this LastPass site. And don’t be surprised to get numerous emails asking you to change you passwords over the coming days and weeks.

The anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing is approaching, and as the largest field of runners ever prepare to conquer Heartbreak Hill, the Boston Public Library is hosting a exhibit from the memorial collection. Runner’s Breakfast offers a sneak peak.

It’s been seven years since Michael Vick was indicted for dogfighting. Many individuals and animal rescue organizations, including the ASPCA, believed that the dogs that were pulled from his premises, many of whom had suffered incredible abuse, were beyond repair, but Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah took several of the dogs for rehabilitation. The Huffington Post published an update on many of them, the Vick-tory dogs, this week.

Our video this week is from a Vick-tory dog reunion in February of this year:

[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Stephen Howard]

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