What Are You Doing for Open Access Week?

Open access image by Gideon Burton

Last week, I reviewed Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, which argues that, because ideas complete, rather than compete with, one another, creativity and innovation ferment most noticeably when ideas are allowed to circulate openly and freely.

*This* week is Open Access Week, an event devoted to making sure that universities live up to this ideal of a free-flowing exchange of information. According to Jennifer McLennan:

Open Access (OA) has the potential to maximize research investments, increase the exposure and use of published research, facilitate the ability to conduct research across available literature, and enhance the overall advancement of scholarship. Research funding agencies, academic institutions, researchers and scientists, teachers, students, and members of the general public are supporting a move towards Open Access in increasing numbers every year. Open Access Week is a key opportunity for all members of the community to take action to keep this momentum moving forward.

The Open Access Week website offers resources explaining how research funders, researchers, administrators, students, publishers, and librarians can advocate for better OA practices. This year, the focus is on a challenge from Philip E. Bourne, focusing on sharing new ways technology can help us mine the ever-expanding body of OA resources:

Open Access scholarship allows researchers and universities to fulfill their public mission–and also to do more and better research. Find out how you can get involved, at the Open Access Week website, or, if you’re on Twitter, look for the #OAW2010 hashtag.

Are there plans afoot on your campus for Open Access Week? Is this an important issue for you or your colleagues or students? Let us know in comments!

Image by Flickr user Gideon Burton / Creative Commons licensed

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