What to Do with 487 Outdated Business Cards


Along with several other ProfHackers (Yay Amy! Yay Erin! Yay George!), I have a new title this fall. Like my old title, it begins with the letters A-S-S and ends with the word Professor, but what’s changed in between makes all the difference.

While I’m thrilled about my promotion, it’s a bit disheartening to realize that my box of 500 business cards—ordered in a fit of aspirational networking and out of which precisely 487 remain—is now outdated. Aside from tenure and promotion, there are many other reasons why a business card might suddenly become passé, say a new job entirely (Yay Ryan!), or even something as simple as a new phone number. (Let’s leave aside the question of whether all business cards are already passé.)

I imagine many ProfHacker readers have faced the same problem as me: what to do with all these old business cards. I suppose one could diligently cross-out the inaccurate information on a card and scribble on the new information before handing it out, but surely it’s easier to design a new set of cards. So what do you do with all the old ones? How can you repurpose these little 3½ x 2” bone-white pieces of paper? Bookmarks are an obvious answer, or impromptu notecards, but what else? I’ve got nearly 500 of them in my office, just taking up drawer space! Please help me in the comments!

What do you do with your outdated business cards?

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