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For ‘Dreamers,’ In-State Tuition Can Mean Staying in College

The momentum didn’t really come out until the Dreamers started actually taking initiative and speaking for themselves.”

Giancarlo TelloRutgers University at Newark

Giancarlo Tello, whose family came to New Jersey from Peru when he was 6, is the campaign chair of a youth-led coalition that successfully lobbied last year for a state law allowing immigrants who are in the country illegally to pay lower in-state tuition rates. Mr. Tello had dropped out of Rutgers, unable to afford the out-of-stat…


Student Regent Wants to Debate Policy, Not Her Muslim Faith

“Sometimes I get asked ridiculous questions, like whether I support Hamas or Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.”

Sadia SaifuddinUniversity of California at Berkeley

When the University of California’s Board of Regents nominated Sadia Saifuddin, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants and an observant Muslim, as its next student member, the decision sparked an angry response from some conservative and pro-Israel groups. Their concerns over Ms. Saifuddin’s advocacy for the divestment of university funds from com…


After Genocide, Helping Rwandans Tell Their Story

Jean Leon Iragena“One of our missions is to see Rwandans writing their story to the rest of the world.”

Jean Leon Iragena

Millsaps College

The tiny African nation of Rwanda has been rebuilding ever since its devastating genocide in 1994. Jean Leon Iragena, who attends Millsaps College on a scholarship from Rwanda’s government, has started the Isaro Foundation to help his fellow Rwandans read, write, and tell their own history.

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Episode 49: In Kansas, a Young Investor Navigates the Stock Market

stock-ks“If we get rid of a stock this year, what happens next year if it goes up by 20 percent? That’s a huge burden.”

John Regier

McPherson College

In this episode, we hear from John Regier, a junior at McPherson College who is enrolled in a class in which students invest $100,000 of the Kansas college’s endowment in the stock market. He describes how he and his classmates learned to invest with their heads, not their hearts–and how they hope to beat the market.

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Episode 47: Father of 3. Economics Major. Tight End?

“There are a lot of times I ask myself what I’m doing. You know, I’m 30, playing football. But I enjoy it.”

Daryl Andersen

University of Redlands

In this episode, we hear from Daryl Andersen, a junior at the University of Redlands who owns a construction company and competes on the Division III football team. He describes how he balances work, family, and school—and how playing football has changed his career goals.

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Episode 36: Making Art Out of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Alyssa Lomuscio“For a while, I told people it was my brother that had OCD.”

Alyssa Lomuscio

Temple University

In this episode, we hear from Alyssa Lomuscio, a recent graduate of Temple University who has struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder since she was a child. In college she hid the condition from friends—until she directed a film featuring an obsessive-compulsive protagonist and found herself making an unexpected admission.

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