3 Colleges Challenge Policy Requiring Access to Contraception

(Updated, 11:30 p.m.) Three new lawsuits have been filed on behalf of colleges challenging an Obama administration policy mandating that employees of religious institutions like schools, colleges, and hospitals have access to contraceptive services free of charge. The Alliance Defense Fund filed suits on behalf of Geneva College, in Beaver Falls, Pa., which is affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church, and Louisiana College, a Southern Baptist institution in Pineville, La. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed a suit on behalf of Ave Maria University, a conservative Catholic institution near Naples, Fla.

All three lawsuits follow the president’s announcement on February 10 that religious employers would not have to pay for this coverage, a policy change that sought to accommodate the objections of some religious groups. The Becket Fund had previously filed challenges on behalf of Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic institution in North Carolina, and Colorado Christian University, a nondenominational Christian institution outside Denver.

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