2 Former Penn State Officials Plead Guilty in Sandusky Case

Two former administrators at Pennsylvania State University pleaded guilty on Monday to child endangerment, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum five-year prison sentence, after years of maintaining their innocence for failing to report the sexual abuse of children by Jerry Sandusky, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Charges of conspiracy against the two men, Timothy M. Curley, a former athletic director, and Gary C. Schultz, formerly a vice president, were dropped in exchange for their pleas.

The only remaining defendant in the case is Graham B. Spanier, the former president of Penn State. According to the Post-Gazette, it is unclear if Mr. Curley or Mr. Schultz will be required to testify against Mr. Spanier as part of their plea deals.

Mr. Spanier, who was not present at Monday’s court proceedings, faces charges of child endangerment and conspiracy. Jury selection for the trial was slated to begin on March 20.

Mr. Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator for the Nittany Lions, was indicted in the fall of 2011 on charges of sexually abusing young boys, sparking a scandal that rocked the campus, led to the ouster of Mr. Spanier, and tainted the legacy of Joe Paterno, the once-revered head coach. Mr. Sandusky is now serving a long prison sentence for his abuses. But Penn State, its board, and its alumni remain divided over the scandal and how the university responded to it.

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