3 Deans Are Suddenly Dismissed at Florida A&M

Florida A&M University’s deans of pharmacy, journalism, and education were dismissed on Monday, effective immediately.

Rodner Wright, the interim provost, announced that Ann Kimbrough, of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication; Michael Thompson, of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Traki L. Taylor, of the College of Education, had been removed from their posts. Interim replacements will take their positions immediately, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

The dismissals were announced less than a year after the university’s president, Elmira Mangum, was ousted six months before her contract was set to expire.

Ms. Kimbrough, who had been the journalism dean since August 2012, told the Democrat that she “didn’t see it coming.”

“I was surprised, and when I returned to my building I shared with my students the results of my meeting with the provost,” she told the newspaper. She said the dismissal came at a time when enrollment and fund raising were going well, and students were graduating with higher grade-point averages and with more internship experience.

Bryan Lewis, a professor in the College of Pharmacy, said he heard the news during a meeting on Monday with Mr. Wright. There was little explanation, Mr. Lewis said. “He said they were going in a different direction with the deanship at the college,” Mr. Lewis told the Democrat. “That was basically it. There was no discussion.”

Mr. Thompson had also been dean since 2012. Last year pharmacy graduates reportedly had only a 59.9-percent first-time passing rate on the national licensure exams, the lowest of 129 pharmacy schools in the country, the newspaper said. Fifteen faculty members voted no confidence in Mr. Thompson last month.

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