3 SUNY Graduates’ Lawsuit Demands Huge Tuition Refunds

A law designed to allow illegal immigrants in New York to pay lower in-state tuition rates at the State and City University of New York systems has prompted an unusual lawsuit from three graduates of SUNY’s Binghamton campus, who say they were never told of the law and are now demanding thousands of dollars in tuition refunds. According to The New York Times, the plaintiffs are not illegal immigrants but New Jersey residents who attended a religious high school in New York and thereby became eligible, they say, for the tuition break. Like many such state laws, the New York statute helps illegal immigrants by tying the tuition benefit to their graduation from high schools in the state, but it doesn’t require them to have lived in the state, which forms the crux of the students’ argument. The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, accuses SUNY of deceiving or, at best, confusing students about their eligibility for the benefit. The university told the Times it had not sought to mislead the students, but it said it does not offer tuition refunds retroactively.

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