5 For-Profit Campuses Lose Accreditation After Abrupt Closures

Five for-profit campuses owned by a Rhode Island corporation have been stripped of their accreditation following their abrupt closures this past weekend. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, a national accreditor that deals with proprietary institutions, announced on Friday that it had revoked the accreditation of the five schools, which are all owned by Academic Enterprises Inc.

The five campuses are the four branches of the Sawyer School, in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and the Butler Business School, which is also in Connecticut. In a written statement, the accreditor said that the closings had violated its standards that “require approved school-closure plans to protect students’ interests.”

The owners of Academic Enterprises also face debarment. Such a sanction, according to the council’s Web site, would prevent them and their family members from managing an ACICS-accredited institution in the future if they do not provide for their students’ education according to the accreditor’s standards.

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