Insurer of Louisiana College Can Refuse to Cover Contraception, Judge Rules

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that a Christian college in Louisiana does not have to comply with the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act, reports The Town Talk, a newspaper in Alexandria, La.

U.S. District Court Judge Dee D. Drell ruled that Louisiana College’s insurance provider does not have to cover contraception methods that the institution deems “religiously offensive.”

The ruling reads, in part: “In the present case, Plaintiff has established a sincere religious belief that it cannot provide coverage for, facilitate access to or enable the use of emergency contraceptives because they can end a human life. Plaintiff sincerely believes that any involvement in the use or provision of emergency contraceptives is a sin and is forbidden by its religion.”

Louisiana College filed suit over the federal mandate in 2012, claiming a violation of religious freedom. That step came days after President Obama said religious institutions would be able to provide contraception coverage without having to pay for it. The attempted accommodation didn’t satisfy some institutions. In July the Supreme Court ruled that Wheaton College, in Illinois, did not have to fill out the form that would transfer the cost of contraceptive coverage to a separate policy.

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