AAUP Condemns Actions of Police at California Campuses

The national council of the American Association of University Professors has issued a statement condemning the violent tactics that the police recently used in dealing with demonstrations on the University of California’s Berkeley and Davis campuses. The AAUP statement expresses solidarity with those “unjustly attacked and arrested” on Friday at Davis, where police doused students with pepper spray, and at Berkeley, where the police on November 9 jabbed students with batons and threw a faculty member to the ground by her hair.  The statement argues, “All universities must make space for political dissent,” and students and faculty members must be free “to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience without fear of bodily harm arising from a violent administration response.” Mark G. Yudof, president of the University of California system, on Sunday announced plans to respond to the incidents by undertaking a systemwide policy review and meeting campus chancellors to discuss “how to ensure proportional law-enforcement response to nonviolent protest.”

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