AAUP Criticizes Group’s Vote to Support Boycott of Israeli Institutions

The American Association of University Professors on Friday said it was “disappointed” with the Association for Asian American Studies’ vote to support a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, in a statement that reiterates the AAUP’s opposition to academic boycotts.

The AAUP released its statement after the Association for Asian American Studies and the British physicist Stephen Hawking both recently expressed support for such a boycott. The statement lays out the AAUP’s position on academic boycotts, which it established in an earlier report, in 2005. The group noted that while its organization “neither supports nor opposes Israeli government or Palestinian policies,” it stands opposed to academic boycotts “as a matter of principle.”

The group said it recognized the right of individual scholars such as Mr. Hawking to act on their own views, but said it was “disappointed by the resolution of the Asian-American Studies Association and would instead urge that organization and its members to find other means to register their opposition to Israeli policies.”

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