AAUP Defends Colleges’ Labor Centers Against Conservative Attacks

The executive committee of the American Association of University Professors has issued a statement accusing the Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative legal-advocacy group, of threatening academic freedom by mounting challenges to labor-education centers at at least 11 public colleges. The foundation has been using public-records requests to investigate the centers’ operations and, in some cases, has filed complaints alleging that, rather than serving the public good, the centers instead help unions and promote their ideology. The AAUP statement argues that educating potential union leaders is a legitimate academic endeavor and accuses Landmark of focusing on labor centers while ignoring academic centers that serve private business interests. Landmark’s president, Mark R. Levin, issued a statement saying his group’s investigations of the centers had brought to light “proven misconduct” and calling the AAUP a partisan special-interest group “whose members have their snouts deep in the public trough.”

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