AAUP Raises Questions About Yale’s Joint Campus in Singapore

The American Association of University Professors on Tuesday issued an open letter expressing the group’s “growing concern” about Yale-NUS College, Yale University and the National University of Singapore’s joint campus, which has been a subject of controversy among Yale faculty members. The university’s plan for the campus, which is scheduled to open next fall, highlights many of the concerns the association laid out in a 2009 statement warning that principles of academic freedom are less likely to be observed in countries governed by authoritarian rule, according to the letter. It states that “a healthy atmosphere for shared governance at Yale can only be restored if the Yale Corporation begins by releasing all documents and agreements related to the plan to establish the Yale-National University of Singapore campus.” It also calls on Yale to establish “appropriate and genuinely open forums” in which questions about the planned campus can be addressed, including what risks students and faculty members might run by criticizing the Singapore government.

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