Alabama State U. Takes Steps to Place Its New President on Leave

A committee of the Alabama State University Board of Trustees voted on Monday evening to recommend placing President Joseph Silver, whom the board hired in June, on paid administrative leave immediately, according to reports in the Alabama news media. After the vote, Mr. Silver suggested that the action stemmed from his discovery of some “longstanding bones.” He added: “I think they know there is no reason for me to step down other than the fact that I have raised a few questions about how resources are spent here, and it is not all for students.”

Mr. Silver also said that, earlier in the day, he fired the executive now designated to take over day-to-day operations. That executive is John F. Knight Jr., who is a state representative and the university’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. Mr. Knight, in a statement, denied that he had been fired and said he did not know what Mr. Silver was alluding to in his allegations.

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