Is a College Education Really a Bad Deal?

The theory that higher education may be a bubble on the verge of bursting is in the news again this week, courtesy of a Newsweek cover story by Megan McArdle. In the piece and in the video above, Ms. McArdle argues that while college is still a good investment for the average student, it’s a riskier bet for students on the margins, who could end up “worse off than they were before they set foot on campus.” In a follow-up blog post, she sums up the story by concluding, “For a lot of kids the system works fine, but it’s definitely not working for everyone, and with budgets tightening everywhere, we need to think hard about how, and why, we invest in college.”

Several commentators have since tried to poke holes in the bubble theory that Ms. McArdle describes in her story. Here’s a look at what they’re saying.

The story has also sparked some buzz on social-media channels. Herewith, some samples of the feedback, in 140 characters each.

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