‘Marijuana at the Mansion’: Gordon Gee’s Ex-Wife Tells of Life With Teflon President

Gordon Gee has weathered many storms during his long career as a university president. One of the juiciest of those scandals involved allegations that his former wife smoked marijuana at Braeburn, the chancellor’s residence at Vanderbilt University, when he was its chief executive and they were still married. A 2006 investigation by The Wall Street Journal aired those details as part of a larger article about Mr. Gee’s spending practices, calling attention to them with the not-so-subtle subtitle “Marijuana at the Mansion.”

Though Constance B. Gee became the butt of many jokes, and the story strained the marriage, she has apparently embraced the headline that was splashed on the Web six years ago. She’s using it in the title of her new memoir, Higher Education: Marijuana at the Mansion. In her book, Ms. Gee reflects on her upbringing and life with her ex-husband. She used marijuana, she says, to deal with Meniere’s disease, an inner-ear disorder that causes nausea and vomiting. In recent interviews, she told her version of the events that sparked all the jokes in the first place. Here’s a roundup of coverage:

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