U. of Iowa Pins Suspension on Rabbit-Hunting Wrestlers

Two freshmen on the University of Iowa’s wrestling team have paid the price for ripping a page out of Elmer Fudd’s playbook.

The Associated Press reports that the university suspended the students from the team on Wednesday after they were caught hunting rabbits on the campus with air rifles, hoping to turn the furry creatures into fashion statements:

Alex Meyer and Connor Ryan, both freshmen, were arrested Tuesday night after a security officer saw two men, including one with a long gun, near the nursing building, according to an incident report. Officers later found the two in Hillcrest Residence Hall and discovered rabbit skins in Meyer’s dormitory.

Meyer and Ryan each admitted to hunting with friends on campus using air rifles, which typically discharge pellets or BBs. Each explained that they went hunting Saturday and again Tuesday because they wanted “to make hats,” according to criminal complaints filed against them.

If the two students had studied their history books, they’d have learned that controversy tends to follow the carrot-munching critters whenever they hop onto college campuses:

If only the wrestlers had heeded a rule their teammates and opponents live by every day on the mat: Pick on someone your own size.

[Credit: Warner Bros. via YouTube]

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