What Others Are Saying About the Strange Football Hoax at Notre Dame

The college-sports world is still reeling over Wednesday’s news that a star football player at the University of Notre Dame is the central character in what appears to be an elaborate hoax.

The controversy involves Manti Te’o, a Heisman Trophy finalist who finds himself trying to explain some bizarre revelations. News outlets had previously painted a picture of a team leader facing a heavy emotional burden this year, after his girlfriend reportedly passed away from leukemia. But it turns out that she never existed in the first place.

The sports-news blog Deadspin broke the strange story on Wednesday, and this Chronicle article expands on the lingering questions Notre Dame faces over its handling of the affair.

Meanwhile, others continue to question the university’s role in the case: Did campus officials wait too long to report the incident, or did they react too quickly? What’s to be made of the robust defense of the football star by Notre Dame’s athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, at a news conference on Wednesday? And what’s in store for the university as other details of the star linebacker’s involvement come to light? Here’s a look at what other observers are saying.

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