Arizona State U. Moves to Fire Officer Who Arrested English Professor

Arizona State University has begun the termination process for a campus police officer who arrested one of the college’s professors in May of last year, The Arizona Republic reports. Stewart Ferrin stopped Ersula Ore, an assistant professor of English, for jaywalking and wrestled her to the ground when she refused to show identification. Ms. Ore pleaded guilty to one count of resisting arrest.

Mr. Ferrin was placed on administrative leave in July, after a dashcam video of the incident went viral and a local civil-rights group accused him of racial profiling.

The university notified him on Wednesday that it intended to fire him. Mr. Ferrin’s lawyer, Mel McDonald, called the decision “beyond outrageous” and said the officer would appeal.

The university released the following statement: “The review of the officer’s performance, including his handling of the events of May 20, 2014, has entered the phase in which the department will make a final determination about whether discipline is warranted.”

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