Assn. of American Universities Calls for Laws to Curb Gun Violence

The Association of American Universities on Thursday became the latest group to urge President Obama and Congress to work together to reduce gun violence, calling the problem a “scourge of American life.” In a statement signed by its 11-member executive committee, the AAU said a spate of mass shootings, including the one at Virginia Tech in 2007 and the one last month at a Connecticut elementary school, has turned schools and campuses into “centers of national mourning.” Last month a large group of college presidents called on lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws.

The AAU’s statement expresses a need for “meaningful action” in gun control, care of the mentally ill, and “the culture of our contemporary media.” It said state laws increasingly prevent colleges from keeping guns off their campuses. It concludes by urging lawmakers “to apply honest and open scrutiny to identifying and implementing meaningful, consequential actions now, while the nation is focused on Newtown’s searing tragedy.”

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