UC-Berkeley’s Former Chancellor Will Be Paid $434,000 on Leave

Nicholas B. Dirks, a former chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, will be paid $434,000 during his coming year on leave, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Mr. Dirks announced in August 2016 that he would step down from his leadership position.

Under the university’s policy, Mr. Dirks qualifies for a year off with pay before returning to the classroom as a history professor. Executives must work in the university system for at least five years to receive full pay during a year off. Mr. Dirks will receive 82 percent of his $531,900 salary, as he started at the University of California four years ago.

When he returns as a professor, Mr. Dirks will make about $237,300. A campus spokeswoman said the former chancellor plans to use his time off writing a book about higher education, giving lectures, and attending conferences in his field.

Still, the paid time off generated questions from lawmakers three months after a state audit found that the office of the system president had $175 million in reserve funds, and Janet Napolitano, the UC president, asked the Board of Regents to increase fall tuition.

The UC system approved the paid-leave policy in 2000 to “allow administrators to devote effort to their research which may have been interrupted by administrative service.”

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