Black Students at Harvard Speak Out Through Photo Campaign

A photo campaign called “I, Too, Am Harvard” is causing a commotion on the Ivy League campus. The campaign, inspired by a play of the same name that will have its premiere on March 7, highlights “the faces and voices of black students at Harvard College,” according to the project’s Tumblr page.

“Our voices often go unheard on this campus, our experiences are devalued, our presence is questioned,” the website says. “This project is our way of speaking back, of claiming this campus, of standing up to say: We are here.”

“I, Too, Am Harvard” features photographs of 63 black students; each is pictured holding a dry-erase board bearing insensitive remarks made to or about him or her.

In another recent project about race, students used the Twitter hashtag #BBUM, which stands for “being black at the University of Michigan,” to share stories about discrimination and insensitive comments.


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