Brown’s Proposals Would Bring Big Changes to California 2-Year Colleges

At the same time Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing increased funds for California’s vast community-college system, he is seeking controversial changes in how those 112 campuses operate, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The focus of the plans by Mr. Brown, a Democrat, includes keeping campuses affordable, courses available, and students moving more swiftly to transfer or graduate.

Under the proposals, colleges would receive state support based on how many students complete courses, not how many are enrolled; students would be barred from repeating classes merely to improve their grades; fee waivers would be granted only to students with good grades; and students would be required to pay the full cost of courses if they exceed a 90-unit cap on credits.

The proposals, which have drawn some criticism from students and college officials, would not take effect unless they were approved by the state Legislature, in which Democrats have a large majority.

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