Campus to Peter Cottontail: Don’t Come Hopping Down Our Bunny Trail

The last time Long Beach City College counted, its grassy campus was home more than 300 rabbits, many of them apparently either dropped off by pet owners or the progeny of such castaways, the Los Angeles Times reported. That’s a little more chewing of the scenery than college officials would like, so they’ve started a campaign to reduce the rabbit population. They have posted signs warning that “rabbit drop-offs are prohibited” — and punishable under state law by a $500 fine or jail time. The campus is also looking for volunteers to adopt rabbits, and is working with veterinarians from Western University of Health Sciences to spay and neuter the animals.

Long Beach is not the only campus vexed by an abundance of bunnies: The University of Victoria formed a team to deal with the problem in 2007, and the same year, North Dakota State University went looking for other solutions after calling off its shooting brigade.

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