Canadian Colleges Go Gangnam

Here at The Chronicle’s blog for everything weird or notable, we receive a lot of student- and campus-produced videos in our e-mail. From single-take music videos to libraries’ doing Old Spice better than Old Spice did, or even a stone-faced baseball team bopping to “Call Me Maybe,” we see it all. Some videos we get are fun; the vast majority are unwatchable. Don’t get us started on all the flash-mob submissions.

Yet, every now and then, a video is so well made, or so infectious, that we must—MUST—include it in these virtual pages. Such is the case with McMaster University’s parody of everybody’s favorite K-pop masterpiece. The Marauders’ interpretation of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” includes more than 100 people, the appropriate neon eyewear, a sauna, an elevator, a toilet, and a truly masterful iteration of the “yoga scene.” (We won’t spoil the surprise, but we do wonder how hard it is to pony-dance in an eagle suit.) This one is a true team effort:

In fact, it gets at what can be truly remarkable about the viral parody video. Sure, it’s part PR. But unlike a lot of the videos we receive, everyone in this video seems to be actually having a good time. Somewhere between smart planning, good lighting, and a truly beloved tune, everyone involved gets excited all over again.

A few other Ontario universities have gotten in on the act: York University, whose video was first, and Carleton College, whose students have some impressive shimmying skills. A version from Ryerson is also imminent. Your move, America.

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