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High Schools’ Average Incomes Predict College Enrollment, Study Finds

Report: “High School Benchmarks Report: National College Progression Rates”

Organization: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Summary: Students who graduate from high schools with low average income levels remain less likely to enroll in college than do their counterparts from schools with higher average incomes.

The report divides public, non-charter high schools according to three characteristics: income level, percentage of minority students, and locale. Of those factors, income le…


Health Professions Benefit When Admission Offices Look Beyond Grades

Report: “Holistic Admission in the Health Professions”

Organization: Urban Universities for Health (a collaboration of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities, and the Association of American Medical Colleges)

Summary: Across the board, health-professions schools benefit from using holistic review, an admissions process that assesses an applicant’s unique experiences alongside traditional achievement measures such as test scores and grad…


Older Siblings’ College Choices Predict Those of Younger Brothers and Sisters

Report: “The Relationship Between Siblings’ College Choices: Evidence From One Million SAT-Taking Families”

Authors: Joshua S. Goodman, an assistant professor of public policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Michael Hurwitz, Jonathan Smith, and Julia Fox, all of the College Board

Organization: Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Research Working Paper Series

Summary: The paper considers the approximately 10 million students who took the SAT in cohorts that graduated …


Higher-Ed Leaders Worry Most About Declining Enrollment, Survey Finds

Report: “Industry Outlook Survey—Higher Education”

Organization: KPMG

Summary: The accounting firm released its annual survey of 120 senior executives, mostly chief financial officers, chief academic officers, and controllers, at public and private colleges across the country.


  • Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they were very or somewhat concerned about maintaining enrollment at their institution. That figure is 14 points higher than it was in last year’s survey and 19 points …

After Years of Going Up and Up, Graduate-School Offers to Chinese Students Flatten

Report: “Findings from the 2014 CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey Phase II: Final Applications and Initial Offers of Admission”

Author: Jeff Allum, director of research and policy analysis, Council of Graduate Schools

Organization: Council of Graduate Schools

Summary: After nearly a decade of double-digit increases, American graduate schools probably will not have a record number of students from China in this fall’s incoming class. Graduate programs reported no rise in offers of admi…


Selectivity Doesn’t Improve Graduation Prospects, Study Finds

Colleges prize selectivity. They also want to graduate their students. But the former has very little to do with the latter, according to a study published on Thursday in the American Educational Research Journal.

In fact, the study found, there is only one institutional variable that has a significant effect on a student’s graduation prospects, and that is tuition. The likelihood that a student will graduate increases by a fraction of a percent for every $1,000 in tuition charged at his or her …


Budget Pressures Persist for Public and Private Colleges Alike

Reports: “U.S. Public Colleges and Universities’ Fiscal 2013 Median Ratios” and “U.S. Not-for-Profit Private Universities’ Fiscal 2013 Median Ratios” (The reports are available for purchase, at $500 apiece, here and here, respectively.)

Organization: Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services

Summary: The 2013 fiscal year was financially volatile for higher education, with ratings downgrades exceeding upgrades for both public and private nonprofit colleges. Despite the challenges, key financial benchmar…


Growing Numbers of Foreign Students Seek U.S. High-School Diplomas

Report: “Charting New Pathways to Higher Education: International Secondary Students in the United States”

Author: Christine A. Farrugia, senior research officer

Organization: Center for Academic Mobility Research, Institute of International Education

Summary: The report, the first comprehensive look at global mobility among secondary-school students, says that more than 73,000 international students were enrolled in American high schools in 2013. Two-thirds of those students were seeking an Ame…


Families’ College Savings Start to Rebound, Report Says

Report: “How America Saves for College 2014″

Organization: Sallie Mae

Methodology: Ipsos Public Affairs interviewed 2,020 parents with a child under age 18. The survey was conducted online, in both English and Spanish, in November and December 2013. The sample was selected to be nationally representative on certain demographic variables.


  • Fifty-one percent of surveyed parents reported having college savings.
  • That’s similar to last year’s figure, suggesting that the proportion of famili…

The Disadvantage of Rural Students in College Enrollment and Choice

Report: “The Effects of Rurality on College Access and Choice”

Author: Andrew Koricich, assistant professor of higher education, Texas Tech University

Organizations: Texas Tech University; presented at the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting

Summary: Students in non-metropolitan counties are less likely to go to college and, if they do, are less likely to choose four-year, private, or selective institutions.


  • Students in rural counties are only 85 percent as like…