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Political Division Soars on Campus, Survey Finds

The U.S. presidential election last year left its mark on college freshmen, who are more politically polarized than they’ve been in at least half a century, says an annual report released on Monday.

Fewer first-year students than ever — 42 percent — described their politics as “middle of the road,” while 36 percent considered themselves liberal or far left and 22 percent conservative or far right.

The survey, administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California…


Cornell U. Faculty Members Criticize Prosecution of Student Whistle-Blower

Updated (4/17/2017, 6:56 p.m.) with comment from the university.

Faculty members at Cornell University are speaking out against its decision to hold a hearing to determine whether a student who shared an internal working document with the campus newspaper should be punished, The Cornell Daily Sun reports.

The University Hearing and Review Board, a pool of people on the New York campus who review cases brought by the university’s Office of the Judicial Administrator, will hear the case of Mitch M…


Free-Speech Groups Describe Campus Media as Besieged

Colleges in every sector of higher education are threatening the independence of their student journalists, says a report released on Thursday by advocacy groups focused on free speech or academic freedom.

The report describes several recent public controversies — including those at Mt. Saint Mary’s University, in Maryland; Northern Michigan University; and Wesleyan University, in Connecticut — in which student newspapers or their advisers complained of coming under undue pressure to restrict…


Coast Guard Cadets Are Punished After Cheating Probe

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, in Connecticut, is recommending expulsion for three cadets and academic punishment for 37 cadets found guilty of cheating on online quizzes, NBC Connecticut reported on Tuesday.

The cadets faced honor-code violations for working together on online quizzes in a “Ships and Maritime” class during the fall-2015 semester, according to the Associated Press.

While most of the 37 students were put on academic probation and others were given failing grades and told to repeat…


Many Community-College Students Struggle to Afford Food or Shelter, Study Finds

Community-college students, many of them adults, often face the challenge of balancing coursework with jobs and families. But some students face a more basic, urgent struggle: feeding themselves and finding a place to stay at night.

One in five community-college students went hungry in the last month because they couldn’t afford enough food, according to a new study, and one in 10 either were forced out of a home or have stayed overnight in a shelter or an abandoned building.

The study, which wa…


Black Students Are Among the Least-Prepared for College, Report Says

African-American students’ college readiness is lagging compared with that of other underrepresented students, according to a new report released on Monday by ACT and the United Negro College Fund. Sixty-two percent of African-American students who graduated from high school in 2014 and took the ACT met none of the organization’s four benchmarks that measure college readiness, which was twice the rate for all students.

“To help African-American students, we need to improve the quality of educati…


How and Whether Certificates and Associate Degrees Lead to B.A.s

Report: “Snapshot Report: Degree Pathways”

Organization: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Summary: Two out of five students who earned associate degrees in 2008-9 had bachelor’s degrees under their belts six years later, according to a new national study. The average time between the degrees was 2.8 years.

Younger, male students were the most likely to make that leap. More than 60 percent of students who earned associate degrees when they were 20 or younger had received bachelor’s …


Most Colleges See Fraternities as Among Their Top Liability Risks

Report: “URMIA Survey Shows Institutions Are Attempting to Manage Fraternity Risk”

Organization: University Risk Management and Insurance Association

Summary: In the wake of numerous news reports of bad, and sometimes criminal, behavior by fraternities and their members, the association surveyed its members to see if colleges are reconsidering how they oversee those organizations.

The survey found, among other things, that:

  • About two-thirds of respondents said fraternity activities were among t…

Vassar Receives $1-Million Award for Success With Low-Income Students

Vassar College is the inaugural recipient of an annual $1-million award given to the college that most successfully admits and graduates low-income students, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announced Tuesday.

The New York Times‘s Upshot blog first reported the news, and said Vassar’s top ranking on a list the Upshot designed last year — meant to highlight the most economically diverse elite colleges — influenced foundation officials. Catharine Bond Hill, Vassar’s president, told the Times the col…


Was Whistle-Blower in Oregon Therapy-Records Case Fired? She Says Yes, University Says No

The University of Oregon says it did not fire an employee of the campus counseling center who criticized the institution for obtaining a student’s therapy records as part of its legal defense against her charge that she was raped by three basketball players.

The Register-Guard, a newspaper in Eugene, Ore., reported that Karen Stokes, executive assistant to the director of the counseling center, sent an email on Thursday to co-workers saying that her “employment is being terminated at the end …