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Hoax Article in Social-Science Journal Gets a Rise Out of Some Scholars

A fresh attempt to poke fun at — and poke holes in — cultural-studies scholarship was revealed this week, with the disclosure that a recently published article in Cogent Social Sciences was a hoax. The article, “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct,” was the work of two people — Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University, in Oregon, and James A. Lindsay, an independent scholar. They describe their exploit on the website of Skeptic magazine.

Like the…


Journal’s Board of Directors Disavows Editors’ Apology for Article on ‘Transracialism’

The Board of Directors of Hypatia, the feminist philosophy journal that sparked controversy with the article “In Defense of Transracialism,” has released a statement disavowing a widely circulated apology that was written by a group of editors at the journal. “The board finds that the associate editors’ statement undermining the editorial decision was disseminated without adequate consultation with the editor,” the new statement says, in part.

The new statement represents the latest development …


Journal Apologizes for Article Likening Transracialism to Being Transgender

Updated (5/1/2017, 5:41 p.m.) with online reaction to Ms. Tuvel’s response to the journal’s apology.

The feminist philosophy journal Hypatia has apologized for publishing an article comparing transracialism with being transgender.

In a post on the journal’s Facebook page on Monday, “a majority of the Hypatia’s Board of Associated Editors” signed a lengthy and “profound apology” in which they said that “clearly, the article should not have been published.”

The article, ”In Defense of Transraciali…


What the Congressional Budget Deal Means for Higher Ed

Bipartisan congressional negotiators have reached an agreement on a $1-trillion spending bill that would increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and reinstate year-round Pell Grants. The measure would fund the government through September 30, the end of the current fiscal year. Legislators in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are expected to vote on it by the end of this week.

The bill’s increase for the NIH, amounting to $2 billion, is in sharp contrast to the budg…


U. of Utah Vice President Resigns Amid Anger Over Firing of Cancer Center’s Chief

The senior vice president for medical enterprises at the University of Utah, who had been at the center of two weeks of turmoil over the firing and later reinstatement of the director of the university’s Huntsman Cancer Institute, abruptly resigned on Friday, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In a message to colleagues on Friday, Vivian S. Lee wrote that she was stepping down immediately as senior vice president for health sciences, dean of the medical school, and chief executive of the university…


After a Week of Protest, U. of Utah Cancer Researcher Is Reinstated

A week after the University of Utah announced that the chief executive and director of its Huntsman Cancer Institute was leaving her post, she’s been reinstated.

In a written statement, the university’s president, David W. Pershing, confirmed the decision to keep Mary Beckerle.

“Effective today we have changed HCI’s reporting structure, and Dr. Beckerle will report directly to the president of the university,” the statement said. “I am grateful for her committed leadership and look forward to wo…


Top Researcher’s Departure Prompts Faculty Protest at U. of Utah Institute

After 11 years as chief executive and director of the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute, Mary Beckerle will leave the posts, a move that has faculty members upset.

The university’s senior vice president for health sciences, Vivian Lee, notified the faculty in an email on Monday but did not offer an explanation, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

At a meeting on Tuesday morning, faculty members could be heard chanting, “Vivian Lee has got to go” and “Who do we want? Mary!” They also…


Cornell U. Finds No Research Misconduct in Controversial Food Scientist’s Work

Cornell University says that a professor’s questionable research practices “did not constitute scientific misconduct” but that there will be an external statistical review of his published work.

Brian Wansink, a well-known food researcher at Cornell, drew scrutiny last month, when his work was shown to include statistical discrepancies, questionable research practices, and recycled data. The fallout was detailed in The Chronicle in March, and on Wednesday Cornell issued a statement saying it had…


Trump Will Propose Shutting Down National Arts and Humanities Endowments

President Trump plans to propose eliminating the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities in his budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which is scheduled to be released Thursday morning, The New York Times reports.

The Times report cited two unnamed officials with knowledge of a meeting on Wednesday at which Jane Chu, chairwoman of the arts endowment, disclosed the plan to her staff.

The news was not unexpected, as The Hill reported in January that Mr. Trump, who at the time had not yet ta…


Ohio State Is Investigating Possible Scientific Misconduct by Prolific Professor

Ohio State University has begun an independent review of its handling of ethics complaints against one of its most prolific scientists, according to The New York Times.

Several misconduct allegations have been made in recent years against Carlo Croce, chairman of the department of cancer biology and genetics. In 2014, the Times says, a Purdue University virologist reported claims of falsified data and plagiarism to journals where Dr. Croce’s work had appeared. Several medical journals have pos…