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Florida State U. President Disputes ‘New York Times’ Article on Favoritism for Athletes

John E. Thrasher, president of Florida State University, on Wednesday issued a statement disputing a New York Times report that the institution had showed academic favoritism to football players, saying the article “misrepresents the university’s actions,” the Tallahassee Democrat reports.

Last week the Times quoted a teaching assistant as saying she felt pressure to cut athletes slack in an online hospitality course when they ignored quizzes and homework assignments and even turned in plagiariz…


NCAA Rules Ex-Official at Cal State-Northridge Committed Academic Misconduct

A former director of basketball operations at California State University at Northridge committed academic misconduct when he gave “impermissible academic benefits” to 10 men’s basketball players, the National Collegiate Athletic Association said in a news release on Wednesday. The release also said the university did not investigate and monitor the former official, whom the NCAA did not name.

As a result, the men’s basketball team will be penalized with three years of probation, from 2016 to 20…


U. of Missouri Investigates Claim of Academic Fraud Involving Athletes

The University of Missouri at Columbia is investigating a former tutor’s statements that she completed academic work for student-athletes, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening Yolanda Kumar, the former tutor, posted on Facebook that she took entrance examinations and completed entire courses for the athletes, the AP reported. Ms. Kumar also wrote that two academic coordinators had encouraged and supported her work.

Ms. Kumar said that she resigned her position this mont…


What Are Your Experiences With Cheating?

As higher education is changing to use more online learning, the cheating industry is changing along with it. A recent Chronicle article revealed that the cheating business is expanding its offerings to accommodate online education and growing demand.

While students used to be able to purchase term papers on the internet, now they can hand off responsibility for entire courses.

With a wide array of services to choose from, there are more opportunities than ever for students to cheat, and we want…


Everybody’s Talking About Plagiarism. What Is It, Exactly?

Plagiarism has long been one of the cardinal sins of academe. But on Tuesday it was on the lips of people nationwide, thanks to a seemingly unlikely source: the Republican National Convention.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, gave a speech that appeared to plagiarize parts of the speech Michelle Obama delivered when her husband was first nominated, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, in Denver.

Academics, some of whom deal with plagia…


Ohio State Accuses 85 Students of Cheating on Online Tests

At least 85 students at Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine have been accused of cheating on online take-home tests, The Columbus Dispatch reported on Tuesday.

The college began an investigation in February, and students have recently received their disciplinary sanctions. Punishments for cheating may range from a warning to dismissal, a statement from the university said.

Investigators looked at how long students took to complete certain tests and at students’ patterns of rig…


Ole Miss Admits Former Assistant Football Coach Helped Falsify ACT Scores

The University of Mississippi has imposed on itself scholarship reductions in football on top of serving a postseason ban for women’s basketball in response to a range of alleged NCAA violations, according to a university statement released on Friday.

In January the National Collegiate Athletic Association issued several allegations against Ole Miss, including boosters’ paying players and coaches’ assisting recruits with ACT fraud.

In the document released on Friday, university administrators ad…


U. of Iowa Cheating Investigation Focuses on Chinese Companies

The University of Iowa suspects that about 30 Chinese students paid Chinese companies to take their online examinations for them, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Last week Iowa began investigations after ProctorU, the company that Iowa uses to verify online courses, found potential inconsistencies in students’ identities for one or more exams.

According to Reuters, three of the Chinese students suspected of cheating admitted to the news service that they had hired Chinese-run groups to take tests…


U. of Iowa Investigates Possible Cheating in Online Courses

The University of Iowa is looking into whether students in online courses cheated by having other people take examinations for them, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

At least 30 potential cases of academic misconduct were being reviewed, according to the AP. If students are found to have been involved in cheating, they would face disciplinary measures including suspension or expulsion.

The company that Iowa retains to verify online courses, ProctorU, found possible inconsistencies in stu…


Coast Guard Cadets Are Punished After Cheating Probe

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, in Connecticut, is recommending expulsion for three cadets and academic punishment for 37 cadets found guilty of cheating on online quizzes, NBC Connecticut reported on Tuesday.

The cadets faced honor-code violations for working together on online quizzes in a “Ships and Maritime” class during the fall-2015 semester, according to the Associated Press.

While most of the 37 students were put on academic probation and others were given failing grades and told to repeat…