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Howard U. Students Protest During James Comey’s Convocation Speech

James Comey, the former FBI director, was met with songs and protest chants at Howard University on Friday as he gave the convocation address, a video on the Politico site shows.

In the video, student protesters can be heard singing “We Shall Not Be Moved” in the back of the auditorium. In an interview, Jaquatte Williams, a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism, said that Mr. Comey could not be heard over the sound of the protesters and that he waited at the podium for the students to stop.


Cornell U. Announces Steps After Apparent Hate Crime

Cornell University is taking steps to “be a more equitable, inclusive, and welcoming university” after a student was hospitalized in what is being investigated as a possible hate crime, Martha E. Pollack, the university’s president, said in a written statement on Sunday.

On Friday a black student was physically assaulted and called racial slurs. One student was arrested in the incident, and several others, allegedly from a “currently unaffiliated fraternity” (Psi Upsilon), may have also been inv…


UNC Says It Can’t Legally Remove Confederate Statue, Despite Governor’s Guidance

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said on Tuesday that it did not have the legal authority to remove a Confederate monument from its campus, despite guidance from Gov. Roy Cooper suggesting that administrators “take immediate measures” if they feel there is a risk to public safety.

The announcement came just hours before a planned demonstration by protesters demanding the removal of the statue, commonly known as Silent Sam. The monument was erected in 1913 and stands as a memorial …


Another Public University Says No to a White-Nationalist Event

Michigan State University on Thursday became the third public institution of higher education this week to decline to host an event at which the white nationalist Richard Spencer presumably would have spoken, and the president of a fourth institution, Louisiana State University, said Mr. Spencer would not be welcome there.

Like the other colleges that have said no to events involving Mr. Spencer or the National Policy Institute, the white-nationalist group he leads, Michigan State cited the incr…


Racist Note at St. Olaf College Was Fabricated, President Tells Students

A racist note that resulted in a student protest and the cancellation of classes at St. Olaf College was found to have been fabricated.

The Minnesota college’s president, David R. Anderson, told students in an email on Wednesday that the note was “not a genuine threat,” and he later said there was not racist intent behind it, the Star Tribune reported.

The note, which had been placed on the windshield of a black senior’s car, threatened, “shut up or I will shut you up.” Its appearance was among …


Hateful Fliers Appear at U. of Texas Following Fatal Stabbing

A day after a stabbing attack at the University of Texas at Austin left one student dead and three others injured, students returned to classes to find racist fliers posted around the campus.

The Houston Chronicle reported that a student, Kim Nguyen, spoke out against the fliers on Facebook.

“This is not okay. I don’t know who you are, but by doing this, you’re only spreading more fear and hate and deepening the racism that already exists in our society,” her post said.

The posters featured a ra…


Glue-Gun Incident at Colgate Prompts Concern About Racial Profiling

Colgate University on Tuesday asked its campus-safety director to take a leave of absence as it investigates an incident of alleged racial profiling, and the subsequent response to it, on the New York campus.

On Monday evening a student called the university’s campus-safety office to report that a “black male” with what appeared to be a gun had been seen, according to a university statement. An alert sent out to students said there was an emergency, and another erroneous message warned of an “ac…


Students Oppose Pomona College’s Hiring of Alice Goffman as a Visiting Scholar

A group of “students, alumni, and allies” of the sociology department at Pomona College have written an open letter to the department and senior executives of the college to protest the hiring of the ethnographer Alice Goffman as a visiting professor of sociology.

The college confirmed in a statement emailed to The Chronicle on Sunday night that it had offered Ms. Goffman a position as a visiting scholar, starting this fall, and that she had accepted.

The letter’s authors, who remain anonymous…


Here’s a Roundup of the Latest Campus-Climate Incidents Early in the Trump Presidency

Anti-Semitic vandalism and white-nationalist propaganda are on the rise at colleges nationally, according to a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League. And in recent weeks, bomb threats at Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries have been followed by a series of culture-war clashes on college campuses. Here is a collection of the latest reports detailing such incidents.

This roundup continues coverage begun in November, after the presidential election. Organizations that …


White-Nationalist Posters Appear Again at Texas State U.

Another collection of white-nationalist posters has been found on and removed from Texas State University’s campus.

The anti-Semitic posters, which featured swastikas, went up on the campus between 1 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. on Friday and were immediately removed, Matt Flores, a university spokesman, told the Austin American-Statesman.

A student at Texas State tweeted an image of the flier and asked for a response from the university.