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Student Is Suspended for Filming Instructor Who Made Anti-Trump Remarks

Orange Coast College, a community college in California, has suspended a student for filming a faculty member who expressed anti-Trump sentiments in class last year, The Orange County Register reports.

The student, Caleb O’Neil, filmed his psychology instructor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, making comments about President Trump’s election during her human-sexuality class. In the video, Ms. Cox, who has taught at the college for more than 40 years, can be heard voicing concern about antigay sentim…


Colleges Are Accused of Using Civics Instruction to Promote Liberal Activism

Colleges can expect to see their civics-education offerings come under fire from conservatives as a result of a report issued on Tuesday by the National Association of Scholars, an advocacy group.

The NAS, which takes a traditionalist view of higher education, argues in its report that a “New Civics” movement in higher education has supplanted objective teaching about the United States’ system of government with efforts to encourage students to engage in liberal or leftist political activism.


Universities in Pennsylvania State System Brace for Possible Faculty Strike

Faculty members in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education plan to go on strike Wednesday morning if contract negotiations do not yield a new contract, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

System officials and union representatives continued their talks on Tuesday in hopes of averting a strike. An embargo on the negotiations has kept students, staff members, and the public in the dark, but an agreement seems possible. The union signaled in a statement on Friday that it would stay at t…


Northwestern U. Lifts Ban Keeping Tenured Professor From Campus

Northwestern University has lifted a ban that prevented Jacqueline Stevens, a political-science professor, from going on the campus, The Daily Northwestern reports.

Ms. Stevens, a tenured professor, was banned from the campus in July, as part of university officials’ response to a dispute between Ms. Stevens and another faculty member. Officials told her to stay away until she underwent a “fitness for duty” evaluation by a health professional.

In March, Ms. Stevens got into a dispute with her as…


U. of California at Berkeley Reinstates Course on Palestine

The University of California at Berkeley has reinstated an undergraduate course about the history of Palestine that it suspended on Tuesday, September 13, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.

Last week Carla Hesse, dean of the College of Letters and Science, suspended the ethnic-studies course “Palestine: A Colonial Settler Analysis” over concerns that it was framed with a particular political agenda and may have violated UC policy against partisan courses and political indoctrination, acc…


Watch This Student Win His Entire Lecture Class a Quiz Grade of 100

An organic-chemistry lecture class at Ohio State University found the hero it needed on Friday, when a student was given the chance to earn himself and his classmates a 100 on their first quiz by making a long-range shot into a trash can. Behold the viral tweet:


The tweet, which had been retweeted 58,000 tim…


Syracuse Professor Apologizes for Rejecting Film on Israeli Settlers

A Syracuse University professor has issued an apology for rejecting a film about Israeli settlers on the West Bank for a conference on her campus, reported.

Gail Hamner, a religion professor, emailed another conference organizer to say she didn’t think the university should show the documentary because it would spark protest from Palestinian groups.

That and other emails prompted The Atlantic to publish an article, “How Political Correctness Chills Speech on Campus.”

After the artic…


What Are Your Experiences With Cheating?

As higher education is changing to use more online learning, the cheating industry is changing along with it. A recent Chronicle article revealed that the cheating business is expanding its offerings to accommodate online education and growing demand.

While students used to be able to purchase term papers on the internet, now they can hand off responsibility for entire courses.

With a wide array of services to choose from, there are more opportunities than ever for students to cheat, and we want…


Have You Used Trigger Warnings in the Classroom?

A letter to incoming students at the University of Chicago, and its open opposition to trigger warnings and safe spaces, has touched off a debate about the effects of — and rationale for — those practices in the classroom. The controversy has, among other things, prompted supporters of trigger warnings to openly advocate for their value in the classroom.

One instructor, Erika D. Price, wrote in a post on Medium that trigger warnings are a critical tool to protect students who have faced traumati…


Professor Who Battled College of Charleston Over Syllabus Is Suing

Robert T. Dillon, the biology professor at the College of Charleston who resisted administrators’ requests that he update his syllabus with learning outcomes, is suing the South Carolina college and says he will retire, The Post and Courier reports.

Mr. Dillon’s odd saga was described in a Chronicle article in March. In short: Mr. Dillon, who had been a thorn in the side of administrators for some time, responded to their requests by adding a quotation from Woodrow Wilson to his syllabus. That d…