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Publisher Withdraws Essay Defending Colonialism, Citing Threat to Journal Editor

A controversial essay that offered a defense of colonialism and led to a revolt at Third World Quarterly has been withdrawn due to “serious and credible threats of personal violence” to the journal’s editor, according to a notice posted by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis.

The essay, “The Case for Colonialism,” was withdrawn at the request of the journal’s editor, Shahid Qadir, and in agreement with the essay’s author, Bruce Gilley, an associate professor of political science at Portla…


Liberty U. Alumni Protest Falwell’s Continued Support of Trump

About 50 Liberty University alumni plan to return their diplomas to protest comments made by Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the university, supporting President Trump’s response to the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., The New York Times reports.

During a press conference last week, President Trump said that there were some “fine people” among neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and KKK members at the rally, and suggested that there could be an equivalency between these groups …


U. of Michigan Can Ban Handguns, Appeals Court Rules

A state appellate court ruled Tuesday that the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor can maintain a campuswide ban on guns.

The 2-to-1 decision permits the university to regulate the possession of firearms, and said the University of Michigan’s campuses are not affected by a state law that prevents local units of government from limiting gun ownership and carrying.

Joshua Wade, an Ann Arbor resident, was denied permission to openly carry a handgun on campus and challenged the ban on Second Amendme…


What’s a Tenure-Track Professor Dress Like? The Gap Takes a Guess at the Look for Women

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” The Gap Inc. seems to be taking that old saying to heart.

In its latest online advertisement, the clothing retailer promotes a look for women, “The Tenure-Track Professor.” The ad’s tagline reads, “Get respect for your ideas and blazer choices.”

The model appears in gray dress pants, matching high heels, an embroidered blue top, and a deeper blue blazer. The ad includes a pair of eyeglasses, but not being worn by the model.


Yale Will Rename Calhoun College for Adm. Grace Hopper

Ten months ago, Yale University officials declined to rename the residential college named for John C. Calhoun, a 19th-century Yale graduate who became a U.S. senator from South Carolina, vice president, and a prominent defender of slavery. But on Saturday, in a reversal, the university announced that the college will be renamed for Grace Murray Hopper, a renowned computer scientist and Navy admiral who received her master’s degree and Ph.D. from Yale in the 1930s.

The decision was made Friday b…


Reported Vandalism of 9/11 Memorial Prompts Investigation at Occidental

Students at Occidental College found remnants of their 9/11 memorial in the trash early Sunday morning, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

The memorial featured nearly 3,000 small American flags, one for each victims of the terrorist attacks, and was sponsored by the Occidental College Republicans. On Sunday, the group posted on Facebook that most of the flags planted the night before had been taken out of the ground. A photo showed flags in the garbage and on the ground.

“This is beyond politi…


Student Who Filmed Melissa Click Asks Lawmakers Not to Misuse His Video

Mark Schierbecker, the University of Missouri student who videotaped an assistant professor calling for “some muscle” to keep student journalists from filming a protest, has asked lawmakers to stop using his video, and the incident, as an excuse to cut the university’s budget, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports.

On November 9 the assistant professor of communication, Melissa A. Click, demanded that student journalists keep away from a student protest over racial inequity on the Columbia campus, …


Read What President Obama Thinks About Sensitivity and Free Speech on Campus

President Obama traveled to Iowa on Monday with his education secretary, Arne Duncan, to talk to high-school students about college access and affordability. During the question-and-answer session, a student asked the president about an unnamed Republican presidential contender’s proposal to defund “politically biased colleges.”

In his answer, Mr. Obama touched on issues of sensitivity and free speech on college campuses. Watch the video below, followed by an edited transcript of his remarks. T…


Portland State U. Almost — Almost — Got a $100-Million Donation

[Updated (8/21/2015, 11:17 p.m.) with details about the unraveling of the would-be donation.]

Talk about a tough break.

Portland State University was on the verge of securing a $100-million donation from an anonymous donor — even going so far as to plan the details of the news conference announcing the gift — but the deal didn’t go through.

College officials told The Oregonian they were still in talks with the donor but acknowledged that the donation may be dead. “Ultimately, it’s up to a donor …


Angelo State U. Football Player Is Killed by Police in Dallas Suburb

Friends and teammates are mourning an Angelo State University football player who was shot and killed early Friday during an altercation with police officers in Arlington, Tex.

Christian Taylor, a 19-year-old sophomore who played defensive back, died after being shot inside a car dealership as police officers responded to a security company’s report that video showed someone had crashed a car through a window of the dealership, according to police accounts. The police said a struggle followed.