Chicago State Settles $4.3-Million Whistle-Blower Lawsuit

Chicago State University has agreed to pay $4.3 million to a former senior counsel who was fired after reporting leadership misconduct, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The settlement ends a lengthy legal dispute between the cash-strapped public university and the former employee, James Crowley.

Mr. Crowley says he was dismissed after reporting misconduct by Chicago State’s president at the time. In 2010 he sued the university, which in 2014 was ordered to pay him $2.5 million in damages plus back pay. The university unsuccessfully appealed the decision.

In February, a Cook County judge, James McCarthy, criticized the university’s decision to delay payment to Mr. Crowley. He ruled that the university would be fined about $20,000 per month until it paid the sum awarded by the jury.

Mr. Crowley said he was relieved to have reached the end of the lawsuit.

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