Chicago State U. Settles Whistle-Blower’s Lawsuit for $1.3 Million

Chicago State University has agreed to a $1.3-million settlement to end a whistle-blower lawsuit brought by a former administrator, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The university’s insurer, the Illinois National Insurance Company, will pay the settlement. Glenn Meeks, a former chief financial officer, will receive $847,000 in back pay, and his lawyer will receive $453,000.

In his lawsuit Mr. Meeks accused the public university’s administration of firing him in 2013 to punish him for complaining about potential ethical violations by the institution’s president at the time, Wayne D. Watson.

The lawsuit, filed in 2014, says Mr. Meeks reported concerns about Mr. Watson’s relationship with a university employee, who he said had been hired and promoted even after submitting a falsified résumé. Mr. Meeks also asserted that he had complained about legal expenses, salaries, and staff and expense increases in Chicago State’s enrollment-management office while enrollment declined.

A spokeswoman for Chicago State did not respond to the Tribune’s requests for comment. The university is among those hardest hit by the state’s budget impasse, which has stretched on for well over a year. As a result of the deadlock, between the legislature and the governor, Chicago State enrolled just 86 freshmen last fall.

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