Citing Price Concerns, Canadian Colleges Will Terminate Journal Deal

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network, a consortium of Canadian institutions seeking to expand the presence of digital content in academic research, announced on Monday that it would terminate the national licensing agreement that allows its members to use collections of online journals published by the American Chemical Society. In a news release, the network said its Board of Directors had chosen to end the deal after the organization failed to reach a renewal agreement with the society, in light of “fundamental issues” with a new pricing model that charges participating libraries based on journal usage.

The usage-based model, which has spurred other librarians to question their institutions’ subscriptions to American Chemical Society journals, “represents a huge financial risk for those libraries that are most committed to promoting ACS resources,” the group said. The network said it plans to support its member libraries as they discuss ways to mitigate the risks of usage-based pricing, and to urge the society to “re-evaluate the business and pricing model it has applied in recent negotiations.”

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