Coffee Maker at Yale Is Under Suspicion After Several Report Feeling Ill

Fears about the office coffee machine may not be unwarranted.

Officials at Yale University are investigating whether a coffee maker at the institution’s graduate medical center caused several people to fall ill on Tuesday, according to The New Haven Register.

Each of the three people who began feeling lightheaded and dizzy had taken a drink from a “water source” in the building, the Register reported.

An official determination of the source of the illnesses has yet to be made, but city officials said the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was looking into the coffee maker.

[Update, (3/1/2017, 10:17 p.m.)] The environmental-protection agency said in a statement released on Wednesday that its initial tests “could not detect anything that would have made people feel ill.” It recommended that the medical center retain an industrial hygienist to conduct further testing.

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