College’s Board Stands by President After 3 Groups Vote No Confidence in Him

The president of Cayuga Community College, in Auburn, N.Y., was the subject of a no-confidence resolution approved by three of the college’s four unions last week, but he still has the full support of the institution’s Board of Trustees, The Citizen, a local newspaper, reports. The trustees expressed their support for the president, Daniel P. Larson, in a written statement released after a special meeting on Monday night.

The college and the unions have been negotiating for months over contract revisions the institution is seeking to make up for a spending deficit of $1.5-million. The no-confidence votes were announced on Thursday by the Faculty Association and the bargaining units that represent administrative professionals and educational-support professionals. The latter two of those groups, along with the maintenance unit, have accepted contract revisions that would have employees take two to 10 unpaid furlough days, with the money to be repaid in later years. The college and the Faculty Association, however, are still at odds.

After Monday’s meeting, the board also released a statement saying that because negotiations between the college and the Faculty Association were at an impasse, “we therefore will be pursuing financial relief through other means to address our budget shortfall.” Those means, according to a news release cited by The Citizen, include increasing efforts to receive a loan and “right-sizing our staffing.”

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