Corinthian Will Close 3 Everest Campuses and Put 4 Others Up for Sale

The company that owns Everest colleges and institutes plans to close three of its campuses that are not meeting financial or academic and job-placement goals, and try to sell four others in California that aren’t making enough money. Corinthian Colleges Inc. will sell its campuses in Hayward, San Jose, San Francisco, and the Wilshire neighborhood of Los Angeles, “teach out” campuses in Arlington, Va., and Decatur, Ga., with a total of about 750 students, and merge a third in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with another of its campuses there. The announcement comes less than a week after Kaplan Higher Education, a division of the Washington Post Company, confirmed that it would be teaching out its South Florida campus in Pembroke Pines, where enrollment had fallen.

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