CUNY’s Hunter College Violated Title IX, Education Dept. Says

[Updated (10/31/2016, 6:06 p.m.) with a statement from the college.]

The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has settled with the City University of New York and its Hunter College after an investigation found that the college had violated Title IX, the department reported on Monday in a news release.

The investigation found that the college had failed to promptly respond to complaints of sexual harassment and to provide interim measures for the complainant. Additionally, the department said, the college didn’t provide enough contact information about the college’s Title IX coordinators and lacked grievance procedures that complied with the federal gender-equity law.

The department opened the investigation after a student filed a complaint of sexual harassment by a professor. The student also said Hunter College had retaliated against her. Investigators did not find evidence of retaliation.

During the investigation, the department identified violations or concerns in every sexual-harassment complaint it reviewed. As part of the settlement, the college will re-examine complaints of sexual harassment over the last three years and look for possible Title IX violations. The college said it would take appropriate action if violations were found.

Hunter College said in a statement that it and CUNY had “always been committed to maintaining a campus environment free from discrimination, intimidation, or violence of any sort.” The college settled the case without admitting liability and said it would “continue to work diligently to comply with Title IX rules.”

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