Denied Tenure, Female Faculty Members Say They Will Sue DePaul U. for Discrimination

At least two of five women who were denied tenure at DePaul University this year intend to sue the university because they believe it discriminates against women, according to the Chicago Tribune. Of 33 faculty members up for tenure—18 men and 15 women—all but seven received it, the newspaper reports, and of the seven only two were men. Four of the five women appealed their rejections to the university’s president, Dennis Holtschneider, but he e-mailed each of them Friday afternoon to say he would not overturn the decisions, which have prompted protests and sit-ins by students. Four different faculty panels heard the four appeals, and two of the panels concluded that the process for awarding tenure was so badly flawed that the women whose appeals they heard should not be denied tenure. But a spokeswoman for DePaul, Denise Mattson, said: “Every faculty member seeking tenure is held to the same standards: scholarship, service, and teaching.”

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