Egyptian Court Divides University’s Buildings Between Rival Claimants

An Egyptian court has found an unusual solution to the case of a disputed campus, splitting its buildings between claimants. Nile University, a small new scientific university founded with the support of the regime of the since-ousted Hosni Mubarak, had become embroiled in post-revolution politics. After the ouster of President Mubarak, Egypt’s new government confiscated the university’s buildings and land, and transferred them to a proposed educational complex led by the Egyptian scientist and Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail. Students and faculty at Nile University protested for months, saying they were being unfairly punished for their institution’s ties with the old regime. Now, reports the Ahram Online news site, a judge has ruled that Nile University will retain ownership of one building while another one and surrounding land will become part of the future Zewail City for Science and Technology.

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